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our process.



At Cotter Builders we work with you, the client, your design team and suppliers to get the best outcome for you. Alternatively, our team can provide you with a comprehensive design and construct service to take the stress out of your building project. Whether it's a renovation, extension or new home, we are here to assist with all of your needs. 

We are passionate about design and construction and our experience across these disciplines can take your project to the next level. Where other companies are afraid to provide design features that are 'out of the box', we thrive on doing things with a point of difference. We are your YES team, your FOREVER home builders. 

why a builder should be present from concept stage

The design and planning of your new home is without a doubt a most integral part of your building journey. Design does matter and good design principles do not cost more. 


You approach a designer or architect because they are experts and can turn your dreams in to a reality. However, designers and architects are not trained to understand building costs whereas builders are. Often the builders are the bearers of bad news when it comes to telling homeowners that their design can not be built for their budget, why? Because a building professional was not on board from the beginning to guide this process.


At Cotter Builders, we work collaboratively with your design team whether its our own designer, or an outside designer, from the very beginning. The outcome of this process is the delivery of an on-budget project, no costly surprises and the homeowner gets the home they wanted from the beginning of design stage. 

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